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Metallica Industries is India's premium quality stainless steel wire mesh manufacturer. Our meshes are manufactured on modern imported wire weaving machines in accordance with international quality standard for wire mesh ISO 9044.

The meshes are mainly manufactured using wires of grade AISI 304, 304L,316 and 316L. As per requirement we can also weave SS wires of other grades like 314,904 etc. The wires used for manufacturing the mesh are in accordance with international quality standard for wires ISO 4782.

We offer stainless steel wire mesh up to 2 meter width having:

Bright Finish
Smooth Surface
Accurate mesh
Perfect tightness
Correct chemical Composition of SS
Competitive price

Our meshes are offered in rolls , cut circles or cut in any desired shape.

Metallica Mesh Range:
We offer a wide range of meshes suitable for almost any application. 8 mesh in wire diameter 0.7 mm with aperture size 2500 microns to 500 mesh in 0.025 mm wire diameter with aperture size 25 microns. These meshes are woven in plain or twill weave.

We also offer very fine meshes up to 10 micron aperture size like mesh 200 x 1400 in wire diameter 0.05 x 0.04 mm.
These meshes are woven in special weave patterns such as Plain Dutch or Twill Dutch.

Metallica Weave Patterns are Plain Weave, Twill Weave, Plain Dutch Weave & Twill Dutch Weave

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